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QAQC Manager Continuous improvement Specialist

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Señor BU... B...


45500 Gien

Situación actual:

Sector de actividad actual: Oil and gas

Tamaño de la empresa: + de 1000 asalariados

Cargo actual: Construction Manager Deputy Overseas QAQC Director

Número de años en este puesto: 11 a 15 años

Número de personas que usted dirigía: 51-100 personas

Salario anual: 110000.00 EUR

Experiencia total: más de 15 años

Disponibilidad: Disponibilidad inmediata

Puesto buscado:

Cargos: Project Management Manage overall budgets, oversea projects / Expertise / Cost / Bidding Delivery, Team / Site Management Work packs – time estimate, job cards and work methodology. Cohesive leader, Operations Management Local teams / Expatriate supervisors / Sub-contractor coordination. Trades:

Sector de actividad: Petrochemical fields _ Oil & Gas, refinery & offshore platforms, , Pharmaceutical _ Onshore modules, yard prefabrication,, Energy _ electric, thermal & nuclear power plants.

Tipo de contrato deseado: Contrato indefinido, Contrato temporal / trabajo intermitente

Tiempo de trabajo deseado: Jornada completa, Fines de semana

Salario anual mínimo deseado: 110000.00 / 120000.00 EUR


Último nivel de estudios: número de años de estudios validados con diploma después de los estudios secundarios. : +5

Último diploma : Ingenieur CNAM

Nivel de estudios actual: número de años de estudios después de validación de los estudios secundarios. : +5

Otras formaciones: :

Divers :

Movilidad geográfica: País : Sudáfrica, , Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaiyán, Bahamas, Bahréin, Bielorrusia, Bélgica, Benín, Brunéi, Cambodia, Camerún, Canadá, República Centroafricana, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dinamarca, Dominican Republic, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Spain, Estados Unidos, Gabón, Granada, Guadalupe, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Japón, Jordania, Kuwait, Laos, Liechtenstein, Luxemburgo, Macao, Madagascar, Malasia, Maldivas, Martinica, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Nueva Zelanda, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Perú, Qatar, Rusia, Isla de San Martín, San Vicente y las Granadi..., San Bartolomé, San Marino, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Santo Tomé y Príncipe, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapur, Somalia, Suiza, Thailand, Trinidad y Tobago, Ucrania, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam

Herramientas / Software / Métodos dominados Product Knowledge Operating system DOS – UNIX – Mac OS – Windows Office software Excel – Word – PowerPoint – Outlook – Access Computer Aided Drafting CatiaV5 – MecaPlan – Solid Works – Abaqus AUTO Clearances Certification HSE Level N2 – Luanda (Bureau Veritas) ANGOLA Graduation 2015 Certification BOSIET + NOGEPA – Rotterdam (FALCK) THE NETHERLANDS Graduation 2015 Certification chemical risk Level N1 Graduation 2018 Non Destructive Testing Level II according to SNT-TC-1A in RT / UT / PT / MT / VT. Expired since 2013 ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Auditor. API 570 Piping Inspector Certificate. NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level I Training in Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing. Knowledge of TOFD and Phase Array Weld Inspection Techniques Knowledge of international codes & Standards for construction & Quality Assurance ISO 9000

Permiso de conducir vehículos pesados o vehículos especiales VL

Lenguas Inglés : Avanzado
Turco : Nativo
Alemán : Básico


Señor BU... B...


45500 Gien

OVERSEAS PROJECTS QA/QC DIRECTORSITE CONSTRUCTION MANAGER DEPUTYEDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONSMAIN SKILLSProduct KnowledgeOperating system DOS – UNIX – Mac OS – WindowsOffice software Excel – Word – PowerPoint – Outlook – AccessComputer Aided Drafting CatiaV5 – MecaPlan – Solid Works – Abaqus AUTOCAD Installation and configuration of softwares♦ Languages SkillsFrench / Turkish : mother tongue German : Basic levelEnglish : Fluent level, working and technical knowledge, regular movements and frequent professional contacts inThe Netherlands (NUON Magnum) and Angola (BP / ExxonMobil / Worley Parsons.♦ Industrial AutomationExperimental work & tests on measuring machine three-dimensional numerical control (MMT - CN) in a metrologylaboratory. Concept of mechanics & materials - automation industrial computing science, energy & thermodynamics.♦ ClearancesCertification HSE Level N2 – Luanda (Bureau Veritas) ANGOLA Graduation 2015Certification BOSIET + NOGEPA – Rotterdam (FALCK) THE NETHERLANDS Graduation 2015Certification chemical risk Level N1 Graduation 2018Non Destructive Testing Level II according to SNT-TC-1A in RT / UT / PT / MT / VT. Expired since 2013ISO 9001 Quality Management SystemsAuditor. API 570 Piping Inspector Certificate.NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level ITraining in Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing.Knowledge of TOFD and Phase Array Weld Inspection TechniquesKnowledge of international codes & Standards for construction & Quality Assurance ISO 9000.♦ Since 2011Stakeholder and business consultationDrafting of service orders, contracts and acceptance of subcontractorsProcessing additional work specifications and drafting endorsementsKick off meeting - Site Opening StatementsVerification of written documents (CCAP, CCTP, descriptions)Constitution of QAQC regulatory files.Management and monitoring of the budget of complex program (> 300.000 €)Staff training and supervision.Follow-up of all trades operations.
Jan.2018 to nowPreparation / QAQC Senior Manager InterfaceManager / Improvement Advisor PONTICELLIGroupe _ TOTAL Raffinaderij AntwerpenTechnical referent any versatility of trades – piping, structure, support, mechanical, E&I, CivilEngineering, HVAC.Procedures & final documentation for Full Revamping Unit 066 TRA Turnaround 2018Man-hours of project 30.000hDec.2016 to Jan.2018Completion - Interface ManagerPONTICELLI / FIVES NORDON Joint Venture _ (EPR) Flamanville – FA3-EM4Technical referent any versatility of trades – piping, structure, support, mechanical, E&I, CivilEngineering, HVAC.Procedures & Common-Core final documentation for AREVA NP & EDF-AFA. Man-hours of project 6.000.000hJune 2013 – Dec.2016Site Construction Manager Deputy / Quality Manager / Improvement AdvisorPONTICELLI Portumo _ FPSOs Dalia / Pazflor Block 17FFSD / Headers Replacement Project October 2016PONTICELLI Gabon _ OffshoreFull Revamping CTI3 Anguille Project Total GabonPONTICELLI Portumo _ Boavista, Luanda (Angola) _Manager for Construction Service Contracts of Sonangol / Worley ParsonsExxon Mobil / BP / Technip / Total / EnscoPONTICELLI Upstream Congo / ITeam_ Pointe Noire (Congo)Moho Nord Project / TechnipMan-hours of project 10.000.000hMay 2011 – June 2013Site Coordinator QA/QC & MechanicalFIP vof Magnum – 9979 Eemshaven (NL) _ Nuon ProjectIGCC power plants # units’ gas and fuel 1300 MWEMan-hours of project 3.500.000hNovember 2010 – May 2011QA/QC Manager Site representativeTOTAL Grandpuits Oil Refinery – 77720 Grandpuits (France)Loading Dock Asphalts Unit 670 / Girth interconnection LinesTOTAL Oil Depot “Europétrole” – 92230 Gennevilliers (France)Rerouting of maintenance piping.Man-hours of project 30.000hNovember 2009 – November 2010QA/QC Manager Site representative / Site Construction CoordinatorALSTOM Power Plant – MTP Montereau Site – 77670 Vernou La Celle sur Seine (France)Turnkey Power plants Fuel Gas Turbine TAC Units 5 & 6 _ 2 x 185 MWE.Man-hours of project 35.000hJanuary 2008 – July 2009QA/QC Manager Site representative _ Technical advisorGRT GAZ – Ponticelli Workshop 94000 Vitry sur SeineFabrication and quality folders of reinforcement saddles.CNPE EDF Belleville / Dampierre / Chinon – Nuclear Power Station of Electricity ProductionAttendance to Units Shutdown – Completion Manager of regulatory filesALSTOM Power Plant – EDF Site – 77360 Vaires sur Marne (France)Power plants Fuel Gas Turbine TAC Units 1/2/3 _ 3 x 185 MWE.Man-hours of project 20.000hJuly 2001 – January 2008Technical Advisor – Calculation skillsPonticelli Headquarter 77312 Emerainville (France) _ Nuclear Power Station / Stress analysisAerospace stress / Laboratory, vibration and structure tests, vibro-acousticanalysis. Calculation / Environmental testing center.MDM – 45260 Beaulieu-sur-Loire (France)Project Manager of realization of glycerin pressure gauge.WORK EXPERIENCEGeneral presentationCSR Deputy & QAQC Manager for several years, I acquired knowledge in:Petrochemical fields _ Oil & Gas, refinery & offshore platforms,Pharmaceutical _ Onshore modules, yard prefabrication,Energy _ electric, thermal & nuclear power plants.My technical experience, my ability to adapt, my management and my thoroughness allowed me to build my skills and become amulti-project site coordinator and team’s leader.In order to comply with management standards, I concentrated my resources on the following primary working vectors:Assisting customers with site coordination and meeting all of his requirements, Integrate leadership, encourage a view tocontinuous improvement.Functional expertiseProjectManagementManage overall budgets, oversea projects / Expertise / Cost / BiddingDelivery QCD / Audits / HR / and ensure strict quality control.Head of the Quality Management System QMS.Support the Projects Leadership Team in identifying, characterizing and mitigating quality risks.Team / SiteManagementWork packs – time estimate, job cards and work methodology.Cohesive leadership with team’s supervision on site.Monitor & follow-up of PPV / STR at yard prefabrication.Site Coordination of Sub-contractors (Torquing, Pressurized Habitats, Scaffolding.)CommunicationHierarchical up to 8 persons, Functional up to 150 personsTechnical and administrative interface with Engineering & CPY on siteOrganize and attend to MOM / KOM / Construction and Steering Committee meetingsPunch-Lists / Claims / Reporting / As Built / NCR / TQ.Understand customer needs and requirements and ensure these are metOperationsManagementLocal teams / Expatriate supervisors / Sub-contractor coordination.Trades: Mechanical / E&I / start-up supervisors HSE, Lifting Maintenance operators.Procedures: Technical / Hook-up / Lifting / Risks Assessment.Contract follow-up: goals, cost, planning, quality, COC.Engineering review and clarification, constructability review.Monitor, analyze and document performance and derive statistical analysisWrite management and technical performance reportsOversee all product development procedures to identify deviations from quality standardsMain ManagementGoals&TechnicalresponsabilitiesManage main aspects of contract process, lead supervision teams to project completion withinschedule, budget, oversee projects and ensure strict quality control.Excellent knowledge of HSEQ regulations.Writing technical guidelines for regulatory complex scope.Monitor & follow-up of PPV / STR at yard prefabrication.Site Coordination of Sub-contractors (Torquing, Pressurized Habitats, Scaffolding).Logistic and site materials coordination, planification of shipment.Optimize Field Production Operations / SIMOPS / Facility Technical Integrity.Site management for Piping / Structure / Pipeline / Riser / Mechanical inspections.MANAGEMENT / TECHNICAL SKILLSMethod statements, P&Id, ITPs and procedures at yard prefabrication & on FPSOs.Preparation / approval of PTWs, manage assemblies, check load plans for lifting,Welding (100% monitoring for special material and requirements as PWHT, destructives tests,NDT controls and coordination. (VT / DPI - MPI / UT - RT) + Precommissioning (HT),Welder qualifications follow-up and renewals, production / mech. & corrosion testsCohesive leadership with team’s supervision on site.Punch-Lists / Claims / Reporting / NCR / TQ / Deviations (provide solutions until closure).Release monthly reports, monitor and approve statistical method reporting (KPIs).Coordination of all QA / QC activities with site entities.Assurance and analysis of quality information (all internal audits performed as planned,non-compliances processed / product, feedback, etc.) and identification of corrective andpreventive actions.Process / Methodology Leadership methodsPerformance Analysis Balanced Scorecard / dashboard - Statistical process monitoring (KPI)Strategic Planning Plan-Do-Check-Act - Deming wheelStrategic SteeringTQM Total Quality ManagementDMAIC - Lean Six Sigma (6σ) - Quality circlesOptimization process5S systemImproving the working environmentKAIZEN - Continuous upgrade methodFMECA - Failure Modes, Effects &criticality AnalysisGANTT diagram - Modeling tasksOperating assessmentPFD Process Flow diagramIIF Interunit Interactions FlowchartAppropriate decision8 Do methodCompatibility matrix / decision treeStage management5 Why’sANOVA "ANalysis Of VAriance"Auto-quality matrix - BrainstormingTechnical skillsSoftwares & networksStandards & Norms skillsStart-upSolid Works, MecaPlan, Abaqus, AUTO CAD / P&Id.RCC-M / CODETI / CODAP / COVAP / DESP / ESPN ATEX/ TOTAL E & P GS 2016 / ELF ClassASME / API / ASTM / AWS D1.1 / NACE / ISO / EN.Main supervision on site (Onshore / Offshore) of GC, mechanical assembly, PVV / STRSupport, fitting, anchoring, flushing of all fluids pigging, oil & water analysis, layingcable tray, earthing, final connections. Pre-commissioning, start-up tests, E&Iregulation / Load and performance tests.Experience to work with different type of materials such as CS, LTCS, SS, Duplex, Super Duplex, CuNi & Alloys. Experiencein different type of processes SMAW/GTAW/SAW/GMAW/FCAW Automatic / Semi-automatic.Key words: Safety culture, Quality, Leadership, Management, Welding (WPS, WPQR), Inspection (ITP), Precom, NDT (UT, RT).Management skillsSupports the Projects Leadership Team in identifying, characterizing and mitigating quality risks.Will provide assurance that quality is being effectively and consistently implemented and managed by contractorsaccording to the requirements set by the client and in order to failures and drive continuous improvement.By implementing, measuring and tracking quality through all levels of the projects portfolio, ensures quality risks areidentified and managed early, minimizing personal and process safety, schedule and cost impacts.Principal Accountabilities – Lead Assurance & Quality Management SystemDevelop the Portfolio Quality Strategy and Plan, assure the development &maintenance of Contractors' Quality PlansRisk based application of Client global quality process, practices & internal procedures, Quality input to risk register andtechnical specifications,Quality KPI’s aligned with the project team KPI’s for measuring performance of the program,Responsible for delivery of quality team responsibilities within forecasted budgets, and to contribute to project reporting,business planning activities in relation to all discipline quality activities.Develop and implement a Risk Based Contractor/Supplier Verification StrategyApplication of quality requirements in pre-qualifications, invitations to tender & contracts,Assessment of quality elements, clarification with bidders and on site evaluations (if required),Integration of practices and procedures in contractor(s) fabrication and construction quality plans, ITPs, inspections,lessons learned, reporting and alerts.Steward Risk based Assurance deliverables and processes:Project to asset handoverIntegrated assessments & review program for design office, EPC(s), construction, fabrication.Value Assurance Reviews (VAR), Project Execution Review (PER) & Project Quality Review (PQR)Verification of safety critical elements against performance standards during design, fabrication, installation, commissioning& start-up.Development and implementation:Development of “Technical Assurance Plans”.Leisure ActivitiesMusic : general interest.Sports : fitness - martial arts - tennis - volley.Cultural life: interest for contemporary dance, opera, classical music, cooking.Miscellaneous: Holder of the license B (mobile geographically).ReferencesAvailable on request.LEISURE ACTIVITIESMusic : general interest.Sports : fitness - martial arts - tennis - volley.Cultural life: interest for contemporary dance, opera, classical music, cooking.Miscellaneous: Holder of the license B (mobile geographically).

Carta de motivación:

Señor BU... B...


45500 Gien

QAQC Manager Continuous improvement Specialist

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,As an expert quality management strategist and Interface Manager betweenConstruction, QAQC & HSE cells, working in the industry for over a decade, I offermy keen business acumen and superior quality management skills to yourCompany with an inclination to meet quality standards for the company’s productsat every stage.As the enclosed résumé indicates, my professional criterion and personal strengthsportray high-end quality control strategies that will be of great value to yourcompany. My core focus has always been on establishing quality goals and ensuringthat all departments involved in the production procedure provide appropriatecompliance with these objectives.Appreciating the fact that the customer is our finest asset, I ensure thedevelopment and installation of quality control programs, policies and proceduresthat will eventually benefit the company through positive customer feedback andrecurring business.If your Company is in need of a person who possesses an out-of-the-box strategicmind with an excellent acumen to provide proactive team leadership that willeventually engender customer satisfaction, then I am definitely your candidate. Ilook forward to meeting you at the interviews next month and anticipate a call fromyou prior to the meeting so that we may discuss this is greater detail.Thanks for your consideration.

Señor BU... B

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